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In an effort to neutralize the growing threat of Covid-19, On Saturday, March 28th, McPherson County has released a Safer-At-Home order.  This order has been put in place for your safety and we would earnestly ask that you would comply with it.  If you would like to view the original order from our Governor, Laura Kelly, please find it here.

To clarify this new Safer-At-Home order, McPherson County has made several easy to understand documents available.  These documents cover Allowable Essential Activities, Allowable Essential Businesses and What the intention is with the Safer-At-Home order.


Essential Activities


Essential Business


And some guidance on why this Safer-At-Home order is important

We know that staying put at home for some individuals may be difficult.  However, let’s take advantage of the warm spring weather to enjoy a daily morning jog, go on that hike over in the beautiful Flint Hills that you’ve always wanted to do, make that delicious looking recipe you found on Pinterest or learn some new skill that you can wow your friends with when the Stay-At-Home order is over.  Let’s hold each others hands ( figuratively of course 🙂 ) and we can make it through this rough time!