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Acts of Mercy


What is Acts of Mercy?

Acts of Mercy is a benevolence fund that has been established by the Board of Directors at Mercy Hospital.  This fund is managed separately from the hospital’s operating funds and is used to help the under-priviledged.  Mercy Hospital’s existing Financial Assistance program will be used to identify and determine beneficiaries.  All donations received for this cause will go directly to provide medications and care for individuals who have no means to pay for the healthcare they need.  All donations will be paid directly to the Pharmacy or healthcare provider that is caring for the needs of this individual.


Why We Care

Imagine this scene with me:

You have just been released from the hospital, with orders from your physician to fill the prescriptions he gave you if you want to stay out of the hospital.  At the Pharmacy you discover that it will cost $168 to fill the prescriptions the doctor ordered.  You now have a tough choice to make; you only have $150 in cash, and you need to buy groceries for the next week.

What would you choose in this situation?

Some of us have never faced this predicament, but we see individuals weekly here at Mercy Hsopital who are facing these choices.  As most of us would do, they often choose to eat over filling their presriptions.  The consequence of such a choice is often that these individuals soon find themselves back in the hospital.  Many of these people are on a fixed income with little or no family support and do not have adequate health insurance, which means that they end up drawing subsidized hospitalization.  The individual is again left with medical bills that they have no way of paying.  The end result of many of these instances is that Mercy Hospital forgives their debts when a far cheaper way to help them exists.


What You Can Do

You can help us with this mission to care for those in need by donating to the Acs of Mercy Fund.

Donations may be sent with the following methods.

  • Mail: Mercy Hospital c/o Acts of Mercy Fund, 218 E. Pack Street Moundridge, Ks 67107
  • Deliver: Please mark hand delivered envelopes Acts of Mercy Fund.
  • Online payment: Please visit this link to send your donation online.


Thank you

We greatly appreciate the interest and support for Mercy Hospital and the Acts of Mercy Fund.  Thank you in advance for your prayers and contributions.


“And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a desciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.”  Mathew 10:42 KJV