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Mercy Hospital is excited to announce that our new Walk-In Clinic is scheduled to open this Fall! To accommodate this new service, we are utilizing freshly remodeled spaces in our Hospital located at: 218 E Pack St, Moundridge, KS.

Continue to monitor this page, our Facebook page and local news to be up to date with the latest progress.

Our planned hours of operation are:
Monday – Friday : 5PM – 8PM
Saturday – 10PM – 2PM
Sunday – Closed

Our Walk-In Clinic is being established to better serve the health care needs of Moundridge and surrounding communities. The no appointment, walk-in approach makes health care easy and accessible. We look forward to taking care of your needs.

Our 24/7 Emergency room will remain open and available.

Please seek emergency care if you or a loved one are experiencing any of the following potentially life-threatening conditions:

Chest pain, chest pressure, chest heaviness and/or tightness
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Sudden onset of numbness or weakness
Sudden onset of confusion or trouble speaking
Sudden loss of balance or dizziness
Sudden & severe headache (the worst headache of your life.)
Broken bones